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Links to Sink your Teeth Into
Warning, some of these sites have Adult material! you are warned
(Under Renovation, More links will be added soon )
EvoluTiON  A great site that offers a running story, and now has a good number of clips of Macro Moments I haven't seen anywhere else. Run by Ljones a macrofan from england who brings much to the group that no american would have ever seen.
Pikachu_Pikapals web site, it has alot of screen captures and collages of Macro scenes from a huge number of species(Big plus there in my book),  Also has a few nice images of aquatic macro. Very well done
Monster Feet Website, Lots and lots of stomping and footshots of macro.
Impersonation A very good Artist that does alot of nice macro drawings,
The Macro Furry in Cartoon page Excellent page for those of us that like to see mass destruction in cartoons, Run by Temdant, a friend who has a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of macro cartoons.
Jedd Matens Page, Just love this fellows art, fairly simple and not as much macro(though there are a few good ones) Another artist with unusual species.(Martens)
Vore(Most sites have adult content in parts), The best resource for links to vore sites out there, Maintained by Digit. (My other links in this) section are all there too.
Vor Tex, A repository for a large part of the furry vore out there(Adult warning)
Vor Com, Nearly all furry, overall a little less adult oriented than Vortex, Still a adult warning though
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The Roundhouse, one of the most popular places for fat furs, pretty nonviolent too is a big plus.
Kelvin the Lions Page, This Artists drawings always look warm and cuddly, and a good deal of them also are rather plump, Best if all, Lots of Roos(such a great creature, not enough people draw them)

Links just for Entertainment
Project Guttenburg  A great site that offers the texts to many books with expired copyrights(generally pre 1920's) a place to read up the old myths and fairy tales. a haven for the fantasy writter<G>, course if you have other intrests it such as the feel good writting of Dickens(Smug smile)
Dilbert online, A comic I read daily.
Garfield online, The king of Comics, a fat cat with staying that a certain dog is regretably retired