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Commisions and Art Trades

Want to start setting up some basic rules I use for how I respond for people who ask for drawings, I love the idea of art trades, they have such potential, so I am doing my best to set up my own personal valuing of my own work. It is a good way to start a discusuion about what I can do for people, I am pretty accomodating in most regards. There are two major categories which I place requests, Public and private. Public means you are free to post it wherever you wish as long as the creator (me or you if part of a trade) is clearly shown (Ie, no cutting off copyrights)


What I do. Vore, Swallowing, Macro, Fat Furs, snuggling, Pretty much anything on my site, Species: effectively anything with a few exceptions

What I don't. Yiffy, Scat, Bloody, No human preds/macros (probably quiet a few other things that skip my mind)



What I do :Ask, I can generally make something work for everyone, just a warning, should you want something yiffy It has a high multiplier

What I don't :Very bloody things, excessive abuse, No human preds/macros



I put a value on a piece of work, it's based on both my own personal tastes and how much time will be put into it. Nothing will be of the quality of Rembrandts but there is a difference.Everything is negotiable, if the value is to high(Especially on private ones) we can talk and ya might be able to get some nice lowering modifiers onto the value.The total value is a good measure of both time and effort, mitigated by the motivation a certain topic might have for me. It's very helpful to chat and discuss things a bit before a final  request is made:)



Generic, pencil sketch, 3(thats what everything will be based on)

Inked(my inking isn't so hot) +2

Coloring (includes inking) For normal drawings +4 For feasts (much more complicated) +8


Subject matter

Background +1 to +3 depending on detail, not a huge fan of these.

Feasts, essentially drawings with more than four characters involved, extreamly detailed cutaways can also be that way. +4 to +10 depending how much is going on)

Comics, tend to be much more detailed, +1 per page of comic for 3 panels per page) (Long comic series are alot of work) 

Series, each drawing page counts on it's own

Private. *2 (to *5 if involving naughty things)

New Species for me   +5

Detail Level

+0 to 5 on both color and base drawing, these general compensate for non feast drawings that are very detailed high quality color

Tilt(all multipled by fractions, so the break on something very complicated can be quiet significant)

Well described and detailed concept *4/5

Personal Slant(Ie, if I love the idea) *1/2 (so a value of 12 would end up at 6)

For a long term friend Modifier, anything from *0 to *4/5. hard to quantify though



Sorry to say there is much less flexibility here, it's just the way I do things, writting takes a much more disciplined and time consuming effect.

Length, really varies, but 10 per page is pretty average(writting takes a long time for me)

Private *100(I don't like to write for pure private consumption

Things I get back

For art it has something to do with the artist/author I admit, I value myself pretty low on the scale so most artists I know out there are at least going to get one for one, more often though a higher done for than receive is quiet likely

Stories, on average 3 value per page, admittedly there are authors I like more than others, Definitly to negotiate


Closing Comments

None so far