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An easy Way to Make drawing requests, just fill in the blanks V.5


  • Name


Quick links to sections of Form you are interested in Macro Vore Finishing up

Vore Aspects, (select no to beg ignored in this section)

Characters involved

  • Pred


Add in choice


  • Prey


  • Prey2


  • Prey3


  • Prey4



  • Sex of meal 


  • Sex of Pred 


  • For the prey, head or feet first 


  • For the pred, size of Meal 


  • For the Eaters How many meals should fill a macro 


  • For the Eaters Lean and Muscular or Fat? 


  • For the Pred, Anthro or Non


  • For the Prey, Anthro or Non


  • Willingness of meal



Vore Actions, pre vore, post vore

  • Tasting


  • For the Fat lovers, Rubing those tummies


  • Taunting and Verbal abuse of meal/screaming of prey


  • Belches, Farts, Smelly bits


  • Rump Feeding


  • Passing of the remains (natural passing must write out reasoning to be considered)


Macro(from the big guys perspecitve)(select no to have it ignored)

  • Macro


Add in choice

  • Macro's  form


  • Giant 's gender


  • Macros Fitnessst? 


Activities of the macro

  • Footplay, toying around with macro toes and soles
  • Use of buildings
  • Stomping
  • Other parts of anatomy to be used in crushing
  • Rubbing a small victim
  • Putting victims in clothing 
  • Monster Mash, Multiple macros


For All Respondants


  • Setting 



  • Props 



  • Fill in any more Specifics

Thank you and if you left your name I'll try to get back to you        


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