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Update History


The Dog Days Of Summer Update


Leo's Birthday Update, The big Cat (and his artist) celebrate on Memorial day, May 30 for those of you not in the states. 


Rainy Day April Update

Mirror Site

Mirror Site

The Easter Roo Update(not all up yet)

The ides of March Update(For just the updated drawings)


March Madness, Flirty inspiration update, coming in like a ...Roo?

Shortest Month of the Year sneaky Fire breathing update

Feburary Update 

New Year Updates, Let the hunger and lions rush out

Had a bad Computer crash, lost alot of my address book, so if you contacted me through a addy OTHER than yahoo or please alert me of the you addy so I can reasemble

Xmass Bonus Update

Xmass Update

November return?(11/28)

Update, 10/26


Update (10/3)

Update (9/22)Massive update, Really hoping to hear from more of you though, gets depressing when acknowlagement dosent come

Update (9/17)


Pervious update