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LAST UPDATED Mid-midlate April!

First things first, I everyone should read the general rules of this site, in short

1. The drawings here in contain Giant animals in humanoid form having fun, this can sometimes not be fun for little humans. There is stomping, crushing and mass destruction, tons of chubby bellies, and a vast amount of eating other things that might not want to be food. That's the general idea.

2.Though I don't think there is anything objectionable in the drawings contained they are a bit violent in rare cases, probably R rated, so by reading this you are stating you are legal of age to view such materials (Remeber R rated movies are NOT supposed to be seen by those under 18:) so minors this means you)  You are coming in of your own free will and have been fairly warned, thus responsible for any shock you see of a city being torn apart by a fictional giant lion.

3.(More rules can be found here, and should be read if you want to RP or ask for a drawing)

4.Now Click the Sept 11 memorial Drawing to enter the site, or on my logo to enter the mirror site