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A place for you to make your feelings known and get in touch


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ICQ:   73411988   (Must be authorized, just say a little something about why:) )

AIM: TalonSauron (Have to be cleared first so send a email before hand)


There are many ways to contact me, I really hope to here from more and more people, ideas are always welcome and I'd like to see people interact more, you have Many options, now with easy clicking drawings;)

talonsaurn got their NeoPet at        (Drawing requests)

A fun Little Option for visitors to try, send a Macro furry Internet Greeting Card, Spread good cheer this holiday season.
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 Remember, if you enjoy this artwork please give me an Email the more people I hear from the better my ideas can become, and it certainly encourages me to continue,(or better yet subscribe to the mailing list/discusion group at egroups(now Yahoogroups) and Topica.), Here are some other places I frequently post stuff before updates
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This is just your Basic Vore Mailing list, just starting out small, and I'll see how it goes