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The Gluttonous Lions Lair

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:"Welcome to my humble abode, the den of the beast, the artist and the author. You can Call me Talon though I also answer to Leo. I am a pretty friendly fur overall, hungry almost all the time though, so if we get to talking I very well might gobble you down. I started this online stage of my existence as a Macro and much of my stuff stays true to it, I do go through many phases and seem to have experiment with most ideas and concepts drawing. However, this site is actually PG-13 rated, maybe a hard R, I chose not to draw naughty bits in pictures, the worst I have is subjective scenarios



What will you find here? Well you'll find a large selection of my artwork, some better than others but all of an interesting nature. There Are strong Vore, Macro, and Fat fur tendencies and a ton of different species. There is a feline bias in number though, suppose thats why My main persona is this big fat snuggable hungry lion called leo, devourer of thousands.


Just starting up this new site, Only the Stories Section is done, Galleries are SLOWLY going up, And most of that is the Leo School Of Vore stories, other sections will be coming up in dribs and drabs

Updates For Leos Birthday, check em out, effectivly the Jan-may collection of my work