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A little About the World I draw in

A few simple rules for every macros enjoyment:)\

Size changing, all Macros in my little world have the inherient ability to change size, though this is only possibile at the start of the day, when they are "Recorded"(see the next fact). Size changing as such allows each macro to experiance the world at difrent levels during there life. The Size change can also increase or decrease the apparent age of the macro, ie, Leo could be a young playful cub one day, and a adult with more of a nasty streak the next.

The Ressurection Machine Deep inside the earth there is a huge complex of organic computers that store every beings mind and a body scan, allowing resurrection to occure once life has ceased in a body(Though there is one special case that delays this). The essence or consciousness of the deceased is caught in the machine and reborn at a later date. The Machine has numerous fail safes and is unkown to most people.)  The update recording of a sentient occures only when that mind gets six hours of uninterrupted sleep, and during the resurrection process any new experiences since the last recording are not recalled. Thus a human who ends up in the belly of a lion would most likely have no knowlage whatsoever of it, just appearing somewhere else on earth the next moring.  Thankfully without the painful memories or humiliation still in memory.  This process is egalitarian, all thinking beings are reborn, Macro and Humans thus are kept at a fairly constant rate

The Essence Rider principle
At the Whim of any macro being they can "Save" a mentality of a being that they care for and want to keep around despite some weakness of the initial body (Humans get hurt alot when macros are around). By the macros will they can  let the consciousness of a fully digested dinner stay inside the eating macro( Preventing the Resurrection device from catching and rebirthing).The mind of the being in the belly instead rides in the macros subconciousness, expreiancing and feeling just what the Macro feels but having no control or own voice. The Macro too has the option of letting the personality out a little to allow a two sided mental conversation. Macros call this act "Communing with Dinner" and is done with varying frequences depending on a macros personality. The Macro can release the conciousness of an old meal at any time,  or the consciousness can free itself. (this whole principle acts on 2 parties wanting it) The released conciousness it is then caught by the ressurection machine.)

Domains are the territories of Macros, each character has one, and even if utterly destroyed and eaten they regain them as new followers start to worship. The territories and population vary with characters. Why do people worship the macros, sometimes out of pure reverance, sometimes out of fear, sometimes for protection. Each character treats their humans difrently, and even the weaker ones can ammass a strong following. For example, Vlad the hyena is very respectful of his followers, treating them as equals, though he is frequently beaten and his domain devoured when reborn his flock returns quickly because of his loving nature. Contrast this to Leo, People submit to him in fear and he is just marginally less likely to make use and toy with those worshipers than ones who show no respect to him. Even his "Pets" are in temporary possitions.