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The Tigers of My art, Striped and powerful

See them in There Gallery, headed by Feaster and Gizzard.

Feaster the Tiger

A ravenous Tiger, playful and friendly, has a child like innocence about him, making him a perfect playmate for leo, tending to get along best with him, with other macros he views them as either threatening adults, or tasty big meals (Anything smaller than him, no manner what the age) Feaster got his name from his gluttony, eating whatever he can whenever he can, he isn't happy unless his belly sags and stretches out to it's full extent, then he will play with things like any macro untile he is hungry again. Feaster is physical not as impressive as his size might indicate, though certainly a match for most things half his size he has little chance to outfight a Lion of Leos stature.

Gizzard Gobbler the Tigertaur
 Gizzard is a tigertaur of very ample girth, known as a somewhat brutal eater he can stow away many times what a normal anthro fur can(2 bellies, lower roughly with 3 times the capacity of the normal fur one)



Rapacious, Rapa for Short, a Tigerss

Voluptous, Carnal, Bawdy, Temtrest, widow. And quiet a dish to look at to. Rapa is a macro tigerss in the finest traditions, caring little for anyone but herself she has broken a few hearts without a care, and broken far more bodies of humans wishing to "Bond" with her.

Rapacious has risen to the top of a powerful criminal organization, a mob queen suits her personality exceptionally well when she is a mere 15 feet tall.  She has developed ecentric tastes and punishments that have sent shivers down her underlings spines, and has also shown a capricious streak to pick out employee for random devourings... always in public. She must give a show.